How to Start a Blog?

A Step wise Guide for the Beginners to Make a Blog

Starting a blog is not a piece of cake. In the present era, where every business and most of the persons have their blogs, it becomes a little bit difficult to build a blog and make it popular. You must have basic computer and technological skills to start blogging. If you want to become a successful blogger, follow my free step-by-step guidelines.
A blog is one of the best ways to communicate with a large number of people in no time. There are plenty of blogs spread throughout the Internet with various types of information available on them. There can be several styles in which a blog can be presented but what exactly are those methods? While thinking about blogging, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to start a blog?People who don’t have a sound technical background can find it really difficult to start a blog. They remain confused about the seemingly complicated procedures written on different websites. Well! The good news is that it’s a lot easier now to kick start a blog and that too within a few minutes. You just need to follow a few simple steps to begin a blog. In this website, I will assist you through all the stages of creating a blog.

What can you expect from a blog?

As we all know, blogging is not just a hobby. It has also become a big source of income these days. Besides being a flourishing business, it has a lot more perks and benefits. Have a look.

  • 1) Fame

    It all depends on what kind of content you post on your blog and how much your readers can connect to it. Although, it won’t make you a celebrity overnight, it can give you recognition over the internet. If you want to be popular through your blog, then choose a relevant topic and write in a manner that is not too difficult to be understood by a layman. Besides having a good content on the blog, you also need to be very active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Another key to make your blog successful is to post fresh content quite frequently. Readers like to be updated and frequent blogging will have a recalling effect on them.

    The design and interface of blog is also very important to attract more visitors to your blog. If your blog layout is boring and not pleasing to eyes then not many users would want to visit it very often. While customizing the blog, keep in mind what kind of presentation you would have liked while visiting a blog yourself. It will help you choose the appropriate theme and other features for your blog.

    By following all these strategies, you can turn into a successful blogger. It is more like a give and take process.

  • 2) Money

    Not all the blogs are started with the aim of earning money, but, it is a long-term goal for most of them. A blog can make a lot of money for you, if you know the right ways. The thing that comes first is the number of visitors on your website. Anyone who starts a blog does so with an aim to get more visitors. Also, it is the prime manner to earn money through blogging. The number of visitors on your blog is directly proportional to the number of clicks on the advertisements.

    Then comes the part on how you provide your blog space to advertisements. The probability of more clicks on the advertisements depends on their position on your blog page. It is all about how well ads are visible to your visitors. However, you need to maintain a balance between prominence and annoyance, that is, ads should have a prominent position, but they should not annoy your visitors by obstructing them from surfing your blog in a convenient manner.

    The biggest thing that you need to understand about blogging is that people want quality reading material over the internet. If your blog doesn’t match the appropriate standard of content then it would never be able to rank among the elite sites. You also need to keep the target audience in mind while writing.

    All these factors help you make money in a strategic manner. When you are able to attract a good amount of traffic to your blog, it will automatically boost up the earnings through it. Be patient when you start a blog, it takes time to gain profit from it. It is not an overnight task.

  • 3) Gratification

    Money and fame mean nothing if you don’t enjoy your work. Blogging gives you a chance to explore your untapped potential and do something on your own. It also gives you pleasure of working without boring routines and the hassle of office hours. You can have fun while working and share wackiest of your ideas with your readers to entertain them too.

    If you love writing, blogging can be more than a job for you. It is your passion, thus, you put efforts to be the best among others which in turn, gives you contentment.

Blogging is Not Rocket Science!

A lot of people assume blogging to be a complex task which requires technical knowledge, but in reality, it is as simple and short as writing a word document. You don’t need to be software professional or computer junkie to start a blog. It can be done with basic computer skills following the below steps:

  1. ) Select a unique name for your blog. It doesn’t need to be flamboyant but, it should have the capability to catch the reader’s attention and it should be relevant to the kind of content you are planning to post.
  2. ) Install your blog. It just takes 5-10 minutes.
  3. ) Customize your blog’s design and layout in the desired manner, keeping in mind your target audience and content type.
  4. ) Kick off with the first blog post!


Is Free Blogging Worth Giving a Shot?

Free blogging is very alluring to new bloggers. You have several websites over the internet which offers free blogging. But, do they serve any benefits to you? You can understand the minute details of a free blog with the following points:

  • 1) It is NOT actually Free!

    Well, they offer you a free space to start a blog. You are not going to earn anything from it. Instead, they are using your blog’s ad space to earn money. As you are not paying for the blog, you have no right to receive the money earned from selling ads on your blog.

    Another aspect of operating a free blog is that you only get the basic features by default. It you want an advanced version or upgraded features, then you need to pay for them. In that way, it is not absolutely free.

  • 2) A “No Profit” Business!

    Most of the money earned through the blogs is because of selling ad space. Being a free blogger, you don’t have the permission to sell products or services on your blog space. Other than that, you are letting the blog owners use your space to make money from ads. It wouldn’t be a wise idea if you are serious about blogging.

  • 3) You are Not the Captain of Your Ship!

    You literally have no control over your blog. If the captain decides to throw you out of the ship, you can do nothing but sink! That is, the blogging website can shut your blog anytime. As you don’t have the full-fledged access to your own blog, you can’t optimize it in the way you want. A hard deal to do!

  • 4) You are Not Secure!

    It is very easy to hack a free blog and you can do nothing about it. A hacker can take your domain name and you will lose all the data and what not! Your entire website is at stake here. It is better to purchase a blog space for yourself if you want to have a secure website.

  • 5) You are Not Too Credible!

    It’s not just you who feels insecure while running a free blog; your visitors too don’t see these kinds of blogs in a good light. Free blogs look less professional and seem more like an amateur effort than a credible website. Therefore, the advice is to not go for free blogs. Pay for your blog and take all the benefits in a respectable manner. A free blog will lead you nowhere!

Start-off Your Blog With My Foolproof Tutorial

Now, it might be clear to you that blogging is not that strenuous as it seems to be? But, you need proper guidance before jumping on to begin with it. This site provides you a foolproof tutorial to guide you throughout the whole process of blogging; starting from choosing a domain name to posting your first post and promoting your blog like a professional.

Go through my tutorial to start a blog. It has all the intricacies of the process, plus, tricks and ways by which you can draw more and more money through your blog. You can contact me if you have any issue and you will be replied positively. Kick-start your blog from here on.