Step 7: Earn Money through Your Blog

Once you have gained a good number of readers for your blog, you can now work on the marketing strategies. A blog is of no use if it can’t get you the money. There are a few ways from which you can make money through blogging. All of them need a strategic approach. These methods are explained below for you to understand them in a better way.

1) Google AdSense

AdSense from Google can be used to show ads on your blog and get paid for it. You can join this program by clicking here-

While starting up your blog, you can copy a code to your site to activate AdSense on it. It will show advertisements on your blog and every click will make you earn some money. It uses a program called AdWords which is a pay per click system. You earn about 68% of the click and rest of it goes to Google. Web sites, which are content driven, are most benefited by AdSense. Google uses a ranking system for the ads, based on highest bid and quality. It senses the content on your site and drives the similar ads to it.

A) How to Get an Approval from AdSense?

Before applying for an AdSense account, you need to fulfill a few criteria. It is better to take care of the following things before applying for AdSense as getting the approval is not an easy task.

    • Age Verification

To get approval for an AdSense account, you should be 18 years of age. Apply with correct birth date and year while signing up for Google AdSense. It is good, to be honest.

    • Name and Email Verification

Include your name and email details under visible areas of your site like about me or contact us. So, when you apply for Google AdSense, they can make out that the person running the blog and the one who has applied, is the same.

    • The Age of Your Domain

For some countries like China and India, it is necessary that your blog is at least 6 months old. It differs from location to location. You might also get the approval in a period of fewer than six months.

    • Use Root Domain

While applying for AdSense account, you should always use your root domain. So, it goes like ‘’ instead of ‘’.

    • Type of Content

The type of content of your blog really matters for the approval. Google AdSense doesn’t approve pirated, pornographic, drugs or other sites/blogs containing illegal content. You can choose primary language of your blog among the languages supported by Google AdSense.

    • Take Care of the Images

The images that you choose to publish on your blog along with content should also follow the rules of copyright. It is not approvable if you post images of other sites without their permission. It is something that you really need to take care of.

    • Optimize Blog Posts Using Meta Tags

You use tags to make your blog search engine friendly. It can also be helpful to get you the approval. When you have relevant Meta tags, crawler bots understand the niche of your blog easily. These crawler bots are used by the editorial board of Google AdSense as they can’t check the whole content of every site.

    • Number of Blog Posts

Although there is no declaration by Google AdSense for the minimum number of posts to get the approval, it is recommended that you should have at least 15-30 posts on your blog. You also need to take care that every category and tag has at least 3-4 posts. There should not be, of course, any blank page. There is no word limit, but, you should maintain 500-600 words on an average.

    • Privacy Policy

It is also a very important aspect of AdSense approval. You are not offering any product or service doesn’t mean that you should not have a privacy policy for your blog. For approving your Google AdSense application, they check your privacy policy. In this policy, you need to mention what kind of content you are offering to your readers and guidelines of using your site. You can write it yourself or can generate it online in which you don’t need a lawyer’s advice.

    • Design and Layout of Your Blog

Your blog should have a professional appearance. It should not look like a messy amateur website. Everything should be well organized in a user-friendly manner. You can choose from available free or paid professional design templates for your blog.

    • Check that Google has not Blocked Your Blog

During the approval process, Google AdSense will check the statistics of your blog. You can check if your blog is blocked by Google or not by searching ‘’ (replace mydomain with your domain name). If Google shows search results for it then, it is not blocked.

    • About Us and Contact Us Page

When you add pages like About Us and Contact Us to your blog, it gives a serious image to it. An About Us page has a simple description of you and your blog. On the other hand, you provide your contact details like email address and contact number to your readers in case they have any query or problem regarding your blog. It will help you make a better relationship with your readers and enhance your chances of getting the approval as well.

    • Avoid Paid Traffic

A paid traffic is a big NO when you really want to get approval for a Google AdSense account. It is not a solution to have enough traffic on your blog for the sake of approval as Google doesn’t like it. You can drive the traffic through the search engine or other medium but, don’t use paid traffic. Also, the traffic driven in an illegal way may also cause disapproval. Therefore, it is better to use legal ways like SEO, social media, and other related blogs to bring traffic on your blog.

    • Don’t Worry About Visitor Count

The approval is totally based on the quality of your blog and not on the number of visitors it gets. So, don’t get crazy over getting a huge traffic on the blog. Good traffic is only important to generate good revenue. You may not get enough money even after getting the approval if you don’t have a good number of visitors on your blog.

B) How to Apply for a Google AdSense Account

Google AdSense is the best network to earn from advertising on your blog. Although, it is a bit difficult to get the approval from AdSense, signing up for it is way simpler. You need to go to the Sign Up page of Google AdSense. Here, all you need is to fill up the asked details in a correct and honest manner. You can either make a new Google account for AdSense or use an existing Google account for it.

C) Ad Placements

Another thing that plays a big role in making money from advertisements is their placement on your blog. The more prominently they are placed, the more likely they are to get clicks from visitors. You also need to keep in mind that ads should not overshadow your blog content. Readers find it very annoying and might resist themselves from visiting your blog again. The number and size of the blogs need to be balanced so that your content is clearly visible to your readers. The best positions to place the ads are on the top of the article header, side bar, and sidebar video unit. You can also integrate Google Search in your website to generate more revenue.

D) How Much Do You Earn?

The amount of money earned from every click depends on the number of advertisers paying for that ad. It can’t be exactly estimated. If you have more competitive keywords on your blog then, it is very much probable that advertisers will pay more to show ads on your blog. It also depends on the targeted traffic, if their interest matches with the kind of advertisements shown on your site, it’s more likely to generate better revenues.

2) Infolinks

Infolinks has emerged as one of the biggest monetizing networks in the world. You might have seen some words in the articles having double or dotted underline and when you move the cursor over them, a pop-up appears. These kinds of ads are provided by Infolinks. Using Infolinks, online publishers earn money from their unused ad space. It allows getting more benefit from your traffic. You can customize the available products of Infolinks. You can easily integrate their platform to your site. It has no constraints regarding visitor count or the type of publisher. There is no setup fee to use Infolinks. You can register yourself at Infolinks here (

3) Outbrain

It is a content discovery platform. They provide ‘From Around the World’ or ‘Recommended Content’ at the end of your article. It can be used by the publishers to outsource their related posts functionality. They can make money through it no matter if the reader reads the whole article or just clicks and leave. However, it is quite a new concept, so there is less user access on them.

4) Taboola

Taboola is another content discovery platform like Outbrain. It also displays related posts on your website. On these sites, the advertisers or buyers are mostly publishers, who want to bring traffic to their sites. So, basically, a publisher can be on both the sides of sponsored content revenue equation.

5) Chitika

It is a search-targeted online advertising network. Chitika is the best option for the sites that gain traffic mostly via search-engines. When visitors come to your site through other channels, some generic ads are displayed to them based on the type of your site. It is one of the few sites, which have an affiliate program.

6) RevenueHits

RevenueHits is an advanced performance ad network, which means you get paid for the results. There are a variety of ad types available on it like top and footer style banners, pop-under, banner, sliders, buttons, interstitials, etc. You can have both geo-targeted and contextual ads. You can’t place their ads on your site if it has no content. RevenueHits also offers payment through PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.

7) Adversal

The biggest drawback with Adversal is that you need to have more than 50000 page views per month. There is no such difficulty in getting the approval but, before applying to them, make sure that your site fulfills their requirements. It also has an affiliate program. Their minimum payout is $20. They also have PayPal option for payments.

8) is one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks. Although they offer many ad types, you can use only one of them at a time. You can choose the suitable ad blocks for your site. It displays the ads, which are influenced by the content of your blog so that the visitors see relevant advertisements. The ads presented by it are more clickable.

9) PopAds

They are specialized in pop-unders. If you earn $5 or more per day, PopAds can pay you daily. The other types provided by them are pop-ups, tab unders, and ups and other methods to make money. It is also very easy to get site and account approval with PopAds.

10) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to earn money through blogging like advertising. Here, you are putting a link on your site to buy a product and, if it is sold then you get your share. Affiliate programs are easier to sign up. If you get success in engaging the readers, they will follow your recommendation to buy the product. Amazon provides one such marketing option. It allows you to place dynamic image ads on your site to promote them. You need to publish content related to the products that are being sold on their site.

I have explained all the steps involved in setting up a blog, basic WordPress skills, designing the blog, promoting it, and making money through it. You can re-read all the points and if something is not comprehensible to you, then, you can contact me. It is now your turn to take the real action, go for it!