Step 3: How to Operate Your Blog

Once you have completed installing WordPress on your site, it is time to start blogging now. Before posting your first article, you need to learn the basics of WordPress. The logging details have already been mailed to you. You can further personalize your blog and do advance level changes in it regarding its design and structure.

Login to Your Blog

Type in the address bar of your browser (replace mysite with your domain name). Use the details that have been sent to you via email by BlueHost.


Change Blog Name

After logging into your blog, you will see the WordPress dashboard. Here, from the menu at left, you can go to General Settings. In these General Settings, you have a box displaying your blog title. You can change it if desired. You can also add a ‘tagline’ or subtitle to your blog. You can save the changes by clicking on ‘Save Changes’. They can be seen live on your blog. Type the URL of your blog in the address bar of your browser to see how your site actually looks like.



Write a Post

Now, it is time move on to the most important thing about the blog, which is writing. So, here is how to write your first blog post. If you have not purchased the domain yet, go to step 2.

You can write a new post by clicking on ‘Add New’ under ‘Posts’ section.

You can also add a new post by clicking on Add New beside the word Posts.

You can type the title and start writing the new post on the post creator page.

While writing the content for a new blog post, keep in mind that you are not alone on the internet who is writing a blog (be it any kind of blog). If you don’t have good content on your site, users won’t visit it. Your content should be brief and timeless or contemporary depending on the niche of your blog. Try to grab the attention of your readers by your writing.

Add Media

You can also add pictures to your post by clicking on ‘Add Media’. A new box appears after clicking on it.


Click on ‘Select Files’ to upload pictures from your computer. You can adjust picture size according to your requirements. To add the picture to your post, click on ‘Insert into Post’. The pictures should be relevant and of good resolution. You can also adjust their position as in where they would appear in the post.

Add Hyperlink

You can add hyperlinks to your post too. These hyperlinks might be within your blog or of some other website. Click on the icon of ‘Insert/Edit Link’.

Once you click on it, a new dialogue box will appear in which you need to enter the URL and Link Text. After adding the details, click on ‘Add Link’ to add the hyperlink to your post.


You can also add categories to your blog website and tags to the particular post.


A featured video or image can also be added to your post.

Add Headings and Edit Text

An article can have headings and sub-headings. You can differentiate them simply by making the size of your text bigger by choosing the text format. It can be as Heading 1, Heading 2, Paragraph, etc.

You can also bold, underline or italic the text.

After writing the post, you can click on ‘Publish’ to make it live on your blog.

Congratulations! You have published your first blog post. It can now be seen on your website.

Writing is just not enough for running a blog. You need to make many other changes and settings to it. They are explained in the further steps. If you have any query regarding any setting of your blog, you can contact me freely. If you want to compose and design your blog, go to step 4.