Step 6: Make Your Blog Popular

You might have designed a wonderful layout for your blog and written quality content, but that doesn’t assure drawing enough traffic to your blog. It is because you might be lacking in the marketing and promotion. The best of the blogs can’t do well in lack of adequate recognition due to improper promotion. The biggest reason behind inappropriate marketing is that people feel shy to tell others about their blogs. Seriously! You are not committing a crime. You must be proud of your venture.

Once you have a presentable design and understandable content on your site, start promoting it. If you really want to make your blog popular, you can follow the strategies mentioned below for it.

1) Get a Bit Social

It is the era of social networking, so it is very important to get popular on these sites. The most popular social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google +. You can make a separate page for your blog on every platform other than your personal account. Here is a detailed description of how to promote your blog on different social networking websites.

a) Facebook

It is the best social networking site to promote lifestyle blogs. As it provides a more casual platform, it will be easier to promote the blog. You can follow the below-mentioned methods to ace on Facebook.

  • Upload bigger and clearer pictures to make the posts more attractive.
  • Use a shortened link of your blog so that the post is more captivating.
  • Write short updates to support the image. It should be attention-grabbing.
  • You can also update in the form of a question. It will be more interactive.
  • A quote from your blog can also be used as an update text to grab the attention of your readers.
  • Once you’ve attached the link to your article, remove the text of the link as it makes the post look ugly.
  • You can also share videos matching the nature of your blog. Don’t forget to mention the source of the videos.
  • The posts from other blogs can also be shared on your page along with a proper reference.

b) Twitter

Nowadays, Twitter is also a promising social media platform to promote your websites and blogs. It is a short and sweet way to tell the readers about your blog. Here are some ways to rule the Twitter.

  • Tweet with short sentences. It should be catchy and curiosity generating.
  • Use one or two relevant as well as trending hashtags as it can really make you trend on Twitter.
  • Include a quote from your article along with the link to that post.
  • You can also mention other user accounts using ‘@’.
  • If someone mentions the content of your blog on Twitter, you can retweet it.
  • You can also ask your followers to retweet your posts.
  • Use images or pictures which are visually appealing.
  • A question can also be asked from your followers to make it more interactive.
  • The link to your blog can also be added to your bio on Twitter.

c) Tumblr

Tumblr itself works as a blog and also serves as a social media tool. It is more about sharing and watching other people’s stuff. However, it can build up your social network too. It is a community content-sharing website, so it is more important to share than publish. You can use a quote from the content you have published. A Tumblog can be a good platform to promote your articles.

As the users of Tumblr are comparatively younger, it can be fruitful to use Tumblr, if you have content relating to this age group. You have all the options from photos to links that can be added to your Tumblr post. There is also an ‘Ask’ button on Tumblr, which can be used to interact with your followers.

d) Pinterest

Pinterest is booming up high these days. Therefore, it would be a good choice to promote your blog through it. It has a more organized manner to show relevant posts. You can search category-wise or filter the posts as well. But, how exactly can you become popular via Pinterest? The following points will tell you.

  • Create a blog board with the same name as of your website. It will be more visible to people and help increase your followers.
  • You can use summary or a brief intro of your article on this board.
  • Add a relevant and visually-pleasing image to this board along with the link to your article.
  • Creative images can get you more followers. Try to use vertical images on Pinterest as they are more convenient to be seen here.
  • Try to get more and more engaged on Pinterest. Post original and relevant pins.
  • Check out other user’s boards to get ideas for your pins.
  • RePin the quality content like good comments from your followers, contents from industry leaders or celebrities, etc.
  • Make sure that your privacy settings are such that your boards are easily searchable. You can also use keywords and hashtags to make your pins more optimized to search engines.
  • Try to feature your blog writers so that the people would know the faces behind the articles. It will help to build a personal relationship with your followers.
  • Integrate a ‘Pin it’ button to your blog so that it can be shared by your readers as well.
  • Use ‘Article Pins’ to share more information about your article with the followers.

e) Google+

Most of the bloggers think that Google+ isn’t worth it to promote their blogs, but they’re wrong. Although it is a bit different from Facebook, it sure can get a lot of traffic to your blog. You need to work a little hard to become popular on Google+.

  • Make a Google+ business page. You need to have a personal account on Google + for it.
  • Include the blog link in your introduction.
  • Share your posts with your ‘circles’.
  • Try to search and join more and more groups relevant to your blog. Comment, share, and like their posts to build relationships.
  • Use hashtags to promote your posts.
  • Share only glimpses of your blog, not the entire content.
  • To drive more traffic to your blog, sign up for Google Authorship. It looks more trustworthy and credible.
  • Add a G+ button to your blog posts.
  • Host ‘Hangouts’ to get a more interactive promotion.

2) Develop Links to Other Blogs

There are various blogs having the same niche and nature. You can have a close check on the posts of other blogs and write in the favour or against their idea. Or, you may present a more elaborate approach towards the same idea after doing a good research. In this ‘trackback’ process, you need to mention the link of the blog to which you are responding. It will enhance the traffic on your blog as the blog you have linked will automatically post the link to your blog. That is, the readers will get to see your link as well, and they may come to visit your blog too.

3) Comment on Other Blogs

You can comment on other blogs with a link to your blog. Make sure that you do it in a sensible manner as abusing may lead to a decreased traffic on your blog. Try to make useful comments and include your blog links to relevant articles. If you comment sensibly then more and more people would want to know your ideas about different things. On the other hand, if you make irresponsible comments only to get the fame; your image will be tarnished, which may result in a fall down of your blog.

4) Be a Guest of Other Blogs

As you develop relationships with other blogs, it will be easier for you to be their guest author. You can also contact the owners of other blogs to offer to write for them. However, it is not an easy task as most of the bloggers are not open to this idea. You may ask them to provide their blog space to you in return of quality content. Don’t forget to include the link to your blog in this article as only this will lead the readers to your site. Try to give your best to it and provide the relevant content in the article. Try not to sound boring as the readers will come to your blog only if they think you write in an interesting manner.

However, make sure you are doing the guest blogging with the purpose to increase public relation, and get some traffic back to your site, and not for link juice. Guest blogging for SEO reasons, is no more considered a right practice. You should also avert from accepting guest posts on your blog as well, which carry the same motive.

5) Host Contests

It is a great way to drive readers to your blog. Try running innovative and interactive content, like contests, so that a good number of people get attracted to it. You can accept entries for the contest via many methods like email list signups, social shares, blog comments, etc. Make sure that the prize is exciting enough to grab the readers’ attention. It needs not be cash, you may also offer a product or something else. Also, post these contest updates on social media platforms to connect with more people.

6) Participate in Online Forums

Search and join some popular forums related to the niche of your blog. The benefit of participating in forums is that you can add the link to your blog in the signature that is added below every post of yours. Some of the forums set a limit of posts after which you can add your blog link to your signature. Try to make useful posts on these forums. Begin with blog commenting and be helpful with a high-quality content. Readers won’t come to your blog if they don’t find your comments interesting and useful.

7) Use Social Locker

Social Locker proves to be beneficial for blogs as it only shows some part of your content and to read the whole content, users need to post it on social media. This sharing draws more visitors to your blogs. So, you are getting your content shared without asking for it and getting more traffic in turn. It works best when you have some interesting information to share as it creates enough curiosity in the readers to share it.

8) Post Frequently

It’s fine that your promotion strategies are awesome, but, what if readers are not getting new, updated content to read regularly? They will simply forget about your blog. Therefore, it is wise to post frequently, that is, in every 1-2 days and if that’s not possible then at least once a week. I know that it is not easy to provide high-quality content on a regular basis. Thus, decide a time-frame in which you can present good articles to your readers. If you ever feel a lack of ideas, try researching more and observe other blogs too. A regular posting on your blog can keep the readers interested in visiting it again and again.

Once you have understood the methods to promote your blog. Now, it is the time to actually make money from it. For a better understanding of marketing strategies, go to the next step.