Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned below govern the use of MyBlogStarter.com and all the content present on the website including its services and products. Owned by MyBlogStarter, this website is subject to your acceptance without changing our terms and conditions contained herein and all other operating rules, policies, (MyBlogStarter Privacy Policy) and other procedures that might be published on the website.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully as you will only be able to access the website if you agree with the agreement. By denying, you will not be able to access the website and any of its services. The website is only available to individuals over a particular age. We offer the set of terms and conditions to our users, acceptance is solely your choice.

1. MyBlogStarter.com Website and Account

If you create an account or blog on MyBlogStarter, you are solely responsible for its security and the actions taken by it. MyBlogStarter has the right to remove the content or keywords that, in any way, are found misleading, used to harm the name and reputation of others in an unlawful manner or likely to cause MyBlogStarter a liability. If you get to know about some unauthorized activities on your account, you must inform MyBlogStarter immediately. MyBlogStarter will not be liable for any kind of damages to your account.

2. Responsibility of Contributors

From operating a blog to posting links and commenting on it, you hold the full responsibility for any harm that takes place due to that content. Whether the content contains text, audio file, video file, graphics or a software, you represent the content and only you will be held responsible for it. You guarantee that:

  • Use of data in any form like downloading and copying will not eliminate the owner’s rights.
  • Your employer has given you the permission to provide content.
  • The content you post is free of viruses or other harmful things.
  • The content is not machine-generated, and does not contain unwanted content that takes the traffic to third party sites.
  • The content does not show violence towards anyone, and does not violate the privacy policy of any third party
  • You are not using any wrong methods to advertise your blog like spam links, emails, etc.
  • Your blog name is not misleading and is only based on your name or your company name.
  • You have used the correct computer code and have rightly categorized the types of materials along with correct information.

As you submit the content to MyBlogStarter, you give MyBlogStarter a permission to adapt, rewrite, or modify the content for publishing and displaying for the promotion of the blog.

MyBlogStarter has the right to:

  • Reject or remove any content that violates any of the MyBlogStarter policies or is harmful or objectionable for anyone.
  • Deny access or terminate the use of the website at any point of time. MyBlogStarter will not be held responsible for providing any refund.

3. Payment and Renewal

General Terms

If you select any of our products or services, you agree to pay MyBlogStarter on a one-time or regular basis (monthly, yearly, etc.). All these subscriptions are done on a prepaid basis and the process will be carried out based on the agreement. Payments are non-refundable.

Automatic Renewal

If there is no prior information of canceling the subscription, MyBlogStarter renews it, and has the rights to collect the due amount, i.e, the annual or monthly subscription fee. By submitting your request in writing to MyBlogStarter, the upgrades can be canceled.

4. Services


If you sign up for a Services account, you need to pay the setup fees followed by the recurring fees to MyBlogStarter. The payment will be in advance of using the services and the invoice will be generated when you select the services. MyBlogStarter has got the right to change the terms of payment on giving a one month (30 days) notice to you. Similarly, the services can be dropped on a month’s notice to MyBlogStarter.


All support by MyBlogStarter will be provided in accordance with its standard policies and services. If you are an email support subscriber, you can request technical support anytime, but it could take some time for us to get back to you. Being a priority user, your queries will be solved before others.

5. Responsibility of Website Visitors

MyBlogStarter cannot review all the content present on the website. Also, it cannot always keep a check on all areas like computer software and content posted by others. MyBlogStarter does not represent the content posted on the website, and does not imply that the content posted on the website is accurate. MyBlogStarter is not responsible for anything posted on the website which is harmful. You are responsible for saving your systems from different kind of viruses and other content. The website might contain objectionable or inaccurate content with errors. MyBlogStarter might also have the content that violates the terms and conditions, privacy policy, or rights of any third party. MyBlogStarter does not take any responsibility for any harm of the website due to visitor’s content posted there.

6. Content Posted on Other Websites

MyBlogStarter cannot control the content posted on other websites. Also, it cannot review all the content present on websites and is not responsible for the content and links posted on other web pages. Linking to different web pages does not imply that MyBlogStarter promotes them or is, in any way, responsible for them. You are responsible for saving your systems from different kind of viruses and other content. The website might contain objectionable or inaccurate content with errors. Those sites might also have the content that violates the terms and conditions, privacy policy, or rights of any third party. MyBlogStarter does not take any responsibility for any harm of the website due to the content posted at non-MyBlogStarter websites.

7. Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy

MyBlogStarter respects the intellectual property rights of others. Similarly, it also asks others to respect its intellectual property rights. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), if you find any material on MyBlogStarter.com, which violates your copyright, you are always welcome to tell us. MyBlogStarter will do the needful by replying to you and removing the content or links that were falling under the copyright issue. If any visitor turns out to be violating the rights regularly, he will be terminated from MyBlogStarter. MyBlogStarter will be refunding full amount in case of termination.

8. Intellectual Property

MyBlogStarter (MyBlogStarter.com) trademarks like its logo and graphics are its intellectual property, and it cannot be used by others. You, using MyBlogStarter, do not have any authorization to use the trademarks of MyBlogStarter.com or any other third party.

9. Advertisements

Until and unless you have paid for an ad-free account, MyBlogStarter has got all the rights to display advertisements on your blog.

10. Attribution

MyBlogStarter reserves the right to display its information links in your blog toolbar or footer.

11. Partner Products

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of a product partner service, you can activate that partner product, for example, a theme. At a later stage, you can also deactivate the partner product by opting out of their terms.

12. Domain Names

You agree that the domain name you are using or registering is subject to the policies of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”).

13. Changes

MyBlogStarter possesses every right to change or modify any part of the agreement. It is solely your responsibility to keep a check on the changes in the agreement. If you continue posting on the website following the changes in the agreement, it depicts your acceptance to those changes. Some new services and features might be introduced by MyBlogStarter at a later stage and these modifications will be subject to the terms and conditions.

14. Termination

If not found right, MyBlogStarter might terminate your access partially or fully from the website. If you do not find this agreement suitable, you can terminate the agreement or remove your MyBlogStarter account. In the case of paid account, if you breach the terms and conditions and do not cure it within a month from the day of notice by MyBlogStarter, it can terminate the website immediately.

15. Disclaimer of Warranties

MyBlogStarter, along with its suppliers and licensors, does not warrant any responsibility towards error free writing, non-infringement, and other content on the website as well. Also, there is no assurance of uninterrupted service of the website. You agree that you are using MyBlogStarter services at your own risk.

16. Limitation of Liability

In no case will MyBlogStarter and its suppliers or licensors be held responsible with respect to any subject matter of this agreement. MyBlogStarter is not responsible for any delay or failure which is out of its reasonable control. It will not be liable for:

  • Any kind of damage (incidental or consequential)
  • Loss of data or interruption in use
  • Any exceeding amount other than the fees paid by you under this agreement
  • The cost of procurement for products or services you choose

17. General Representation and Warranty

You represent and warrant that:

  • You will use the website in strict accordance with all the laws and regulations, the MyBlogStarter Privacy Policy and this agreement.
  • While using MyBlogStarter, you will not infringe or harm the intellectual property rights of any third party.

18. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify MyBlogStarter, its suppliers, or licensors, and all its employees from and against any kind of claim and expenses.

19. Miscellaneous

The terms and conditions stated here are the entire agreement between you and MyBlogStarter. The agreement can only be modified by a written amendment from an authorized executive of MyBlogStarter, or by posting a revised version.